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My passion and purpose in life is to help women who have been victims of abuse or dysfunction and now suffer from alcohol, substance abuse, and/or behavioral addictions.  Myself and my company, Angels Addiction & Abuse Recovery Services, are here to help guide you on your path to recovery and healing to live the life that you DESERVE with our professional Addiction & Abuse Recovery Coaching, Counseling, & Life Coaching.  Also, due to the many physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits of Yoga and Meditation, we offer these classes to clients to aid in their recovery and healing process.  

Private Addiction Recovery Counseling & Coaching

 On your path to recovery, you will need professional, guided help with: 

  • accepting your substance abuse or addictive behaviors
  • identifying & removing false & limiting beliefs about yourself
  • learning to release your past trauma and pain
  • identifying your specific triggers
  • setting personal boundaries - Empowerment!!
  • recognizing and applying your strengths
  • reconnecting to your true, Higher self
  • setting personal, career, & life goals with Action Plans
  • enhancing your quality of life & well-being
  • regaining & utilizing your personal, innate power 
  • feeling inner peace, happiness, and reconnected to self
  • and so much more.  

You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life built on a foundation of self-love, self-awareness, and authenticity. Private sessions will provide you with a safe, supportive space on your journey to healing while also empowering you with a co-created action plan to achieve your recovery & life goals.

Yoga & Meditation Emotional Healing Classes for Women

We practice Yoga & Meditation for emotional healing as  Y & M has been scientifically proven to improve symptoms of P.T.S.D., anxiety, depression, and more.  Yoga reconnects you to your innate power & resilience and reconnects you to your inner self that has become fragmented due to everyday stresses and/or abuse and dysfunction.  

Intervention Services

Substance abuse and other behavioral addictions affects the entire family in many ways and is emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and also spiritually draining.  Nikki and AAARS understands this.  We are here to be the bridge of information and support for you and your addicted loved one to facilitate recovery, not only for the addict but for the entire family and to help save her life.  

If you are interested in Nikki and AAARS assisting you and your family in getting treatment for your loved one, please contact us for a free consultation.

For more info & to schedule a free consultation call/text 702-703-2180 or email us on contact page